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Dubai Investor Visa

Posted by Kohshan Tariq on June 30, 2022

Dubai Investor Visa is an opportunity for skilled and rich people living abroad to move to the United Arab Emirates. It’s a new initiative that allows those with the Dubai Investor Visa and other necessary documents to find their dream home in the UAE, benefiting from various types of investment opportunities and incentives. The immigrants who come through this visa are eligible to stay for 5-10 years If one qualifies on their own then they do not need any other sponsor in UAE. Instead of reaching any sponsor, they can easily apply by themselves.

Out of these immigration visas, the most common and widely used visa is the UAE investor visa. For achieving this visa, one needs to invest a particular amount of money in the United Arab Emirates. In such a way, he can qualify it easily

How to get a UAE Investor Visa?

To get Investor Visa in UAE, you need to invest an amount of AED 10 million anywhere in the public sector. However, for the property, you need to invest AED 5 million in the UAE property.

To get a plan for a 10-year investor visa, should have an amount of approximately AED 10 million to invest in UAE’s public sector.

In addition to that, one should keep in mind that before investing any money. You have to be sure that the amount is yours and not a loan. Another major point of this investment is that you have to continue this investment amount for almost e years.

How to apply for a UAE investor visa?

It is a matter of fact that anyone who opts for a UAE visa must be sponsored by their relatives, co-workers, or else their colleagues. But, now a day, an individual can apply for it individually as well. By following the mentioned steps, you can now apply for a UAE investor visa without the need for any sponsor.

Firstly, for the purpose of getting a UAE investor visa on your own, the registered company will play the role of your respective sponsor. Secondly, for the UAE property visa, the property in which you have invested your typical amount serves as your sponsor.

Applying for the Residence Visa

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) is an institute that receives all the applications related to Residence Visa. It also has a lot of online websites and other platforms for gaining information regarding Residence Visa UAE.

Apart from all other things, firstly you need to clear a detailed medical test in order to prove that you are medically fit and your fitness is well above.

Investor Visa is much more different than other visas that UAE offers. It demands an attorney or legal representative of the property to achieve this category of visa. You also need to hunt property investments for this process.

How to get an Investor Visa in UAE?

Since Dubai is the top city and in order to get Dubai Investor Visa. Foreigners who urge to get settled in the UAE must have to apply for an investor visa in Dubai. The only difference that lies between the situations is that you will directly apply to GDRFA and not to any other institute of Emirate such as Abu Dhabi.

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