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How to Get Property Insurance in Dubai

Posted by Kohshan Tariq on June 30, 2022

Before buying any property in Dubai, it is a very obvious and most popped-up question how to get property insurance in Dubai? Along with that question. A lot of other questions also rises like is there any difference in the policies in UAE? Which things are actually included in property insurance? Which one to choose? How to secure all the savings that are been invested in that property? And above all, is it necessary to buy insurance policies for any kind of property in Dubai?

The UAE insurance policies proffer two kinds of policies. The first one includes all the internal as well as external damage to the building. However, the second one includes the damage to every single item on the premises. Now it totally depends on insurance companies whether they offer both of these policies, On a single certificate or provide different certificates for each of the policies.

How to choose a suitable Insurance Company?

There are a huge number of insurance companies in UAE that purveys insurance policies of all sorts but amongst them, the best are Adamjee Insurance, Dubai National Insurance, Arabia Insurance, AXA Insurance, Oman Insurance, Orient Insurance, Reinsurance, Zurich Insurance, Alliance Insurance, and Emirates Insurance.

The major key point of choosing the best amongst them is to check the criteria of price and inclusions of them. One needs to be very careful before signing any insurance agreement. Reading each and every point of the certificate should be mandatory.

It is also a very important point to notice what other perks these insurance companies offer. Before signing any contract with insurance companies or specifically the insurers, one must visit the review sections and customer feedback.

How much Property Insurance costs in Dubai?

It is a matter of fact that Property Insurance in Dubai is much more stable and secure rather than cars and personal items. The reason behind that is there is a huge risk of damage or loss in personal items and cars however buildings are at the lowest risk. The approximate average insurance costs only 0.1% of the whole insured value with respect to each year.

For Dubai house insurance, the premium demands 0.5% of the total insurable value. Just in case of claiming insurance for several damages. One must take a lot of pictures of the loss before claiming it. In case of damage to a building or house, any sort of purchased receipt can be valuable. If one does not have a receipt then a credit card payment can be required.

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